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The optical center of Vision Light uses the most technologically advanced instruments for measuring computer of sight
Vision Light, a technologically advanced laboratory for the measurement computerized of sight

Computerized measurement of vision.
A optical lab advanced.

Vision Light is a specialized optical lab and uses the most sophisticated and advanced technological tools for measurement of vision, which combines more traditional methodsof measurement of vision for feedback guaranteed.
In our optical lab will provide you with an experiencedoperator careful measurement of vision in order to guide a more incisive inand best choice, especially for the technical aspects as well aspurely aesthetic. Everything, whether you need to contact lenses, whether you require single vision lenses for eyeglasses, multifocal or progressive, or even sunglasses, always ensuring quality and authenticity on the wide range of lenses and frames on the large assortment of the best brands in our shop.

Measurement of vision:definitions and techniques.

The optometrist is a health professional who deals with the treatment of visual defects using optical correction. In particular, he is fitted with specific equipment quality and quantity of vision and identify the defects, and prescribes corrective and provides the means most appropriate to fit the needs of the patient.
The Optical is a professional who provides, monitors and suitable means of correcting defects of vision: lenses, eyeglasses, contact lenses. Part of his job is to run simple tests to measure vision. Based on the results obtained by prescription or specialist is able to identify suitable lenses to correct the problem and settles down in the frame should be chosen with centering according to the characteristics of the patient. Its responsibilities also include who can locate and fix the defects of the lenses.

The autorefrattometria is a computerized diagnostic system used to determine the refractive error of an eye in an objective manner.
The tool that allows this investigation is autorefrattometro that give a pretty good idea of the refractive defect (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism).
The final verification is obtained, however, only after the response to the comparison with traditional techniques of measurement of vision, as the luminous (ottotipo). The 'autorefrattometro' fact can not consider some important factors to assess, such as age (eg young people have developed a very accommodative) or even the actual needs (type of work, ease of use etc.), and it is therefore the task experience optician.