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Roberto Lombardi, Optical since 1985. Vision Light Optical Center. Certified professional.
Adriano Lombardi, responsible web and marketing of optical center Vision Light.

Optical profession in Naples.
The Story of optical center Vision Light.

Born in 2000 from an idea by Roberto Lombardi as Vision Service (replaced in 2006 with the current Vision Light), our optical center specialized boasts the presence of experienced stakeholders.
The same Mr. Lombardi has acquired extensive experience based on theoretical knowledge and practical skills related to optics and optometry certified.
Since the optical diploma obtained in 1985 at the Institute of Naples Bernini, holds over 24 certificates issued in subsequent years by the best authorities.
Roberto Lombardi began his career at the prestigious Naples optical centers, increasing its skills in assembly and repair glasses, both in optometric room and in the lab, thanks to which, after 26 years of work, can offer today in its optical center high quality services, with modern facilities that allow him to successfully resolve any issues regarding the assembly of single-vision lenses, bifocals or progressive.

With the same experience and innate passion for optics, i make montages of glasses and i apply contact lenses to all types. In my center are issued certificates signed by myself (Declaration of Conformity) to give my customers the certainty of having bought products and high-quality legislation.
At the optical center Vision Light all products are guaranteed, both in quality and authenticity, this is the reason why you will find my photo and that of my co-worker on our site, in fact, to emphasize our expertise and transparency are not afraid to show...

(Roberto Lombardi)